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2009 NPC Southern States Bodybuilding Championships Men's Prejudging
All Divisions Except Masters

2009 NPC Southern States Bodybuilding Championships Men's Prejudging For over two decades the NPC Southern States Championships drew scores of competitors from the southern regions of the country to Ft. Lauderdale for one weekend of incredible muscular competition. USAMuscle is pleased to bring you our signature contest coverage of this legendary contest which produced many notable pros who compete within the sport today. This Prejudging video features all competitors from the teenage, masters, novice and open divisions as they engage in mandatory poses and side-by-side comparisons for the judging panel. You'll see exactly what the judges saw with full-length head-to-toe physique shots in this comprehensive prejudging video. 1 hour 47 minutes



Competition Name 2009 NPC Southern States Championships
Date Saturday, July 11, 2009
Location Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Category Contest Prejudging

Competitor Name Age Height Weight Weightclass/Division Placing
Daniel Alfonso Heavyweight  4
Tim Anderson Middleweight  7
Andy Awak Welterweight  1
Frank Bauer Bantamweight  1
Henry Briscoe Heavyweight  7
Carl Britton, Jr Welterweight  3
Rudy Bunge Light-Heavyweight  17
Yamil Cabral Super-Heavyweight  2
Daniel Cabrera Light-Heavyweight  10
Chris Caudy Light-Heavyweight  10
Renel Charles Lightweight Teen 1
Adrian Cipriani Heavyweight Novice 5
Jonathan Clem Light-Heavyweight  6
Pedro Colon Lightweight Novice 1
Chris Comella Heavyweight  12
Chris Cowley Super-Heavyweight  6
James Davis Heavyweight  6
Pablo DeAramas Welterweight  2
Paul DelPozo Middleweight  3
Matthew Diaz Lightweight Teen 3
Lloyd Dollar Light-Heavyweight  1
John Durante Middleweight  1
Thomas Enamorado Lightweight Teen 2
Jonathan Fernandez Welterweight  4
Edward Figueroa Heavyweight Novice 2
Karl Fong Middleweight Teen 3
John Foster Light-Heavyweight  3
Tony Friedrich III Heavyweight  8
Jason Frost Middleweight Teen 2
Yano Garcia Heavyweight  1
Brian Garrison Light-Heavyweight  12
Samuel Gearhart Super-Heavyweight  5
Julio Gomez Welterweight  5
David Groce Light-Heavyweight  9
Kenneth Grossman Middleweight  4
Alejandro Guerrero Light-Heavyweight  4
Chris Gurny Middleweight  9
Lance Hickey Heavyweight Teen 1
Christopher Hobbs Heavyweight  13
Anthony Hobson Super-Heavyweight  4
Timothy Howard Heavyweight  15
Justin Hutchins Heavyweight  14
Robert Jorge Light-Heavyweight  5
Travis Kovach Welterweight  6
Jason Kuno Middleweight  10
Thomas Lange Heavyweight Novice 3
Colton Leonard Heavyweight Novice 6
Edwin Lopez Lightweight  4
John Lopez Light-Heavyweight  2
Michael Mantle Middleweight  6
Phillip Mariani Welterweight  7
Carlos Maxima Heavyweight Novice 1
Jonathan McGrael Heavyweight  9
Chris McLeod Light-Heavyweight  7
Walter Miller Super-Heavyweight  7
Giovanni Monteiro Light-Heavyweight  14
JP Moraes Super-Heavyweight  3
Omar Morales Bantamweight  2
Mark Morini Middleweight  2
Rob Mulcahy Heavyweight  11
Hosea Murphey Lightweight Novice 2
Ryan Pateracki Super-Heavyweight  1
Andrew Phillips Middleweight Teen 1
Petr Prielozny Light-Heavyweight  13
Alfredo Prince Lightweight  3
Bryan Raymond Middleweight  5
James Robles Light-Heavyweight  11
Carlos Rodriguez Heavyweight  3
Luis Santiago Lightweight  1
David Savenberg Heavyweight Novice 4
Antionne Scott Super-Heavyweight  8
Edward Shepherd Heavyweight  5
Mike Strutz Heavyweight  2
Ken Symanski Lightweight  6
Aramis Taboada Light-Heavyweight  15
Kevin Taylor Heavyweight Novice 7
Rocky Tumminia Light-Heavyweight  16
Onan Valverde Light-Heavyweight  8
Gordon Wesley Super-Heavyweight  9
Luther Williams Middleweight  8
Paul Wilson Lightweight  5
Roosevelt Woodard Lightweight  2
Gerrard Young Heavyweight  10